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July 1, 2020

“But anyone who loves God is known by him.” 1 Corinthians 8:3

Dispatch 108.

When I read this morning’s New Testament passage from the Daily Texts, my first thought was, “Doesn’t God know people who don’t love God?” Then I remembered the issue being addressed by Paul in this chapter of 1 Corinthians, and the meaning fell into place.

Paul is speaking to a church divided over whether or not Christians can eat meat sacrificed to idols. The dividing line is between those who “know” enough to know that idols are not real, and that therefore the meat can be eaten, and those who still don’t fully know the truth that God is the only true God, who are therefore wary of eating the meat. Get out your Bible and give this chapter a read; it’s a masterclass in Christian ethical reflection.

Paul’s point is simple: Christian behavior should be driven by whom we love, not what we know. When we love God above all else, we become known by God. When we know how well we are known by God, the correct course of action becomes clear. When, however, we seek to live based on our knowledge, things go off the rails. It’s a story as old as the Garden of Eden.

It’s been said that all sin is 1st Commandment sin. In other words, when we forget that God is God – and imagine that we are like God – sin will follow. When we worship God above all else, righteous living will ensue. You, friends, are known by God. You are loved by God. Love God, and let the rest fall into place. You’ll find yourself living gracefully in the love of Christ, naturally putting the well-being of your neighbor first.

Be well, friends. You are loved.

God of grace, in the freedom of Christ we are no longer under the dominion of the law. Guide us to live with your new law in our hearts, that we may love you as our Lord and love our neighbor as ourselves. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Image: Two dudes, known and loved by God, at worship in Martin, Slovakia, two years ago today.


As an update to yesterday’s post, it seems likely that Grace will end the year with the deficit. The exact number won’t be known for a few days. There may be more gifts arriving in the mail throughout the week, and some expenses are still estimates. But it will be a small deficit, no more that $15,000. All things considered, this is nothing short of remarkable. Thanks be to God, and to the people of Grace! I told you not to worry.

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  1. John Lattyak permalink

    Thank you, Have a Blessed Day

  2. LaNell and Jerry Koenig permalink

    Thank you Pastor Lyle. I haven’t thanked you enough for your daily devotions.LMK

  3. William Shoup permalink

    I never know where to find the “Image”?

    Bill Shoup

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    Cell: 843.833.3578

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