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Different Rhythms

March 18, 2020

“From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3

March 18. Greetings from Coronaville, population everyone.

It’s been said in these days, by me and by many others, that these are interesting days. Crazy days. Unprecedented days. All true. But what also seems true is that we are thinking in terms of days more than we usually. We have been forced to relinquish our grasp on the future. Will the Grace Choir get to go to Leipzig this summer? Will t-ball season happen? What will e-learning look like in a couple weeks when we come back from spring break (come back? who’s going anywhere?).

Still, in our house we discerning a blessing in this. Forced to focus on today, we find ourselves more free, more present, for one another. Forced to let go of the activities we love, we find ourselves settling into the rhythm of togetherness. Our children look more rested than they have in some time. Yes, there are still things to do. I come to Grace each day, and I run the errands. Erika stays home to help our kids navigate school (quick shoutout to the teachers of Grace who are doing an amazing job creating meaningful learning experiences on very short notice; day 1 went well, day 2 even better). We find creative ways to hang onto some things. Yesterday, piano lessons happened via FaceTime. But mostly, we’re just together. Books. Board games. Bike rides.

All in all, we are settling into the rhythm of this new season of life.

Of course, for those already living in isolation the situation is different. When your starting point is limited social contact, losing that social contact can be devastating. Grace is putting many things in place to try to maintain connection, community, and care for everyone. But one thing you can each do is use some of the time in your new daily rhythm to reach out to someone and see how they’re doing. It’s an easy way to be the Church during these days.

I hope and pray that your day is filled with joy, health, and creative community. Leave tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything. Be well. You are loved.

God of the sunrise and the sunset, you mark our days and break into our lives even now. Help us to use this time to grow closer together, even from a distance. Keep our communities safe. Bless our leaders with wisdom. Help your Church to be the Church. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

The photograph at the top of this post was taken by me at Waypost, one of the camps of Crossways Camping Ministries in central WI. I posted it because sunsets over Mission Lake, viewed from the Waypost side, are the best sunsets on earth.

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