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March 17, 2020

“Then God said, ‘Let the earth put forth vegetation: plants yielding seed, and fruit trees of every kind on earth that bear fruit with the seed in it.’ And it was so.” Genesis 1:11

After leaving Grace yesterday, I had what’s becoming a fairly regular pandemic experience. I went to one of the area Target stores. Not to hoard, or even to stock up. I refuse to do the former, and we have already done the latter. I had a short list with me. I happened to get the last jug of Pine-Sol and the last bottle of children’s ibuprofen in the store (if your kid has a fever, let me know – I’ll share!). I was unable to buy ground beef or eggs; these were long gone. I turned to the produce, hoping for strawberries. Nothing.

But they did have raspberries, so I picked up two small containers, thinking, “My kids like raspberries. What a treat. I should buy them. There might not be raspberries tomorrow.”

There might not be raspberries? My next thought was, “What kind of dystopian future have we found ourselves in?!”

Deep breath.

No. We’re fine. This is serious, but we are fine. First of all, the fact that I have hardly ever had to wonder where my next batch of produce will come from is an incredible sign of my privilege. Second, we may not have every kind of food we want, but we can feed our children and ourselves. And finally, this is no time to forget that we worship a God of abundance, not scarcity.

I finished my shopping trip (stopped by Binny’s, too) and headed home, thankful for finding what I needed. Thankful for a store filled with friendly workers doing what we now realize is essential work (ministry, frankly) and with fellow shoppers who were polite and kind. As was I. A pandemic is no time for us to be jerks to one another.

And there will be raspberries tomorrow. We worship the God who created the earth, the God who brings forth its abundance. We are sustained by the love of Christ and the movement – and the fruit! – of the Spirit.

We will have what we need tomorrow. Today, let us make sure that everyone has what they need today. Food, friendship, a virtual hug from six feet away, a reminder that God is present. Be good to each other. I’m sure there will be raspberries tomorrow. And if not, well, maybe the day after that. Either way, all manner of things will be well.

God of creation, continue to bless us with your abundant gifts. Help us, in these uncertain times, to be good to one another, to make sure everyone has enough, and to trust tomorrow to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  1. Ruth Ann Reko permalink

    Thank you Pastor for sharing your appreciative comments esp. about the workers at all of the stores still open and helping. Please share as you become aware of Grace family members who need help.

  2. Sandy Lentz permalink

    We will have raspberries from our garden this summer. From the bounty of the earth we have been given. For that bounty, and for all those who are, as Mr. Rogers said, “helpers”, thanks be to God.

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