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Sermon: Death Is Off the Menu. November 4, 2018

November 6, 2018

Please click here to watch, read, listen to, or download my sermon from All Saints Sunday, 2018.

On this All Saints Sunday, Isaiah opens up a vision of the Lord’s reign. And the reign looks like a party! The people are called to the mountain for a feast. The menu is filled with rich meats and good wines; it’s a feast fit for kings and queens, lords and ladies. But what does the Lord eat? While the people eat good things, the Lord is busy eating death. Swallowing it up forever. What once stalked and consumed us has now been chewed up and swallowed down. Yes, death is still part of life. Even Lazarus was raised into a world where he would die again. But because of Jesus, the One who died and yet lives, there is no death in the reign of God. Death is an empty shell, powerless. It will consume you no more. God has swallowed death, and all that is left for us is life. Life in this world, life in the next. All free for God’s saints. Jesus has picked up the tab.

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