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Sermon: What Is It? August 5, 2018

August 6, 2018

Click here to read the sermon from Sunday, the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost. No video or audio to share this week. Sorry!

Wandering in the wilderness, the people have become so hungry that they start to wish they were still slaves in Egypt. God hears their complaining and sends them manna. In spite of their hunger, they don’t recognize it as food. Looking at the flaky substance, they ask, “What is it?” The people bed by Jesus have a similar experience. They’ve become hungry again and yet, when they find Jesus, they fail to see him for what he is. We are often aware of that which we lack, but we’re not nearly as good at noticing what God is doing to meet our hunger. Today we are fed again, with daily bread that endures forever. What is it? It is the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ.

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  1. LaNell and Jerry Koenig permalink

    Again another beautiful sermon. Thank you for being a person who loves to share God’s Word, in Word and Sacrament. Jerry and I are in MN until Aug.19. Missing you and all that Grace church does. We are grateful that you and the staff at Grace work hard to make our services worshipful and tie them together with strong planning. Keep that up. Pr. Michael Costello is awesome as we hear what he’s doing with the organ to highlight the words that we are singing. RE Vic Brandt. He was indeed a man of God and stood strong and firm even when the trials and tribulations were going on within the Lutheran Church. He wouldn’t want this credit but the ELCA is what it is today because of people like Vic.

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