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Sermon: Fed and Fearless. July 29, 2018

July 30, 2018

Please click here to watch, listen to, download, or read my sermon from Sunday, July 29, the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost.

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This morning we begin a five-week journey through John 6, focusing on the feeding of the 5,000 and Jesus’ proclamation that he is the Bread of Life. Five weeks on the 5,000 fed! It seems like a lot, but there’s a lot going on here. Today the stage is set. The crowds keep following Jesus, but in their eagerness they forget to pack a lunch. Except for the fish and loaves in one boy’s lunchbox. But what are they among so many? It turns out that, in Jesus’ presence, these gifts are more than enough. We are pointed toward the new Passover, the new meal for God’s people on the go. And on the go we are, carried by Jesus’ promise that we will get to the other side. Fed by Jesus, and in his presence, there is nothing left for us to fear.

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  1. Bill Shoup permalink

    Great sermon….thanks.

    Bill Shoup

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    Cell: 843.833.3578

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