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Not Grow Weary

July 3, 2022

So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest-time, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

We worshipped this morning at the Lutheran church in Martin. Before we could make it into the building, we were warmly met and greeted by old friends, most of whom we haven’t seen since 2019. It was a joyful service celebrating the end of the school year. The kids were reminded that just as a strawberry plant needs soil and light, so do they need the nourishment of the gospel. In the “big people” sermon, we were admonished to take in the proper sort of nutrition; after all, what good is it to be fruit that looks good if we’re not filled with the “vitamins” Christ gives us. So filled, we are sent to nourish the world. Holy Communion took on an added shade of meaning; the body and blood of our Lord are packed with all we need to live a vital life. And we were even called up front to help the children of the congregation sing “Awesome God,” so that was cool.

After lunch at my favorite restaurant in town, Česká hospoda (which means “Czech pub” – you can’t beat a name that straightforward), we made our way to the Center for Christian Education to prepare for Vacation Bible School. There are tons of Slovak helpers, many of whom are youth and young adults we’ve known for years. They are, of course, thee years older. A lot has happened in the interim; kids we remember as young are now in high school; high schoolers are now off at university in Bratislava, Košice, and beyond. It is a source of deep joy to build these relationships not only across distance, but across time; to be part of a community that is foreign and far away and yet always feels like home. And as much as I like the mountains and the blueness of the sky, it’s the people who make Martin the amazing place that it is. What a joy to share the monumental love of God with them this week!

My morning devotions took me through Galatians 6, and I was struck by Paul’s call to not grow weary in doing what is right. And oddly, though I’m still a bit tired in body from our travels, my spirit is energized. God must be giving me the vitamins I need! It is a blessing beyond measure to be able to do good work with good people here. Tiring, but never wearisome.

The picture is from worship this morning, during the children’s sermon. You can see the kids leaning in to look at a strawberry plant.

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