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Staying Home (Again)

November 13, 2020

“Peter said, ‘The promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to him.'” Acts 2:39

Yesterday, for the second time in my ministry, I announced the cancellation of in-person worship. COVID, it seems, has a power that far exceeds the snowstorms of Wisconsin or the threat of hurricanes along the Carolina coast. The decision was reached through conversation with others at Grace, and with a lot of prayer. I know that livestream worship will continue, that God’s Word will sustain us as while we are apart. I was, and am, convinced it is the correct decision. Still, when the email went out, I sat in my office and wept.

Some might say that such a decision was weak or fearful. I disagree.

I write this blog post as a clear pastoral statement that the absolute best thing we can do for one another right now is to not gather, even in small groups, for matters that are not absolutely essential. Worship is essential, but it can happen during these days while we are apart (honestly, we’ve gotten quite good at it). Our love for one another demands this action, as does God’s command to bear one another’s burdens. It is how we care for doctors and nurses, for frontline workers, for all those who can’t stay home. It is how we support Grace Lutheran School, which will continue to provide in-person learning. We’ll be back together in worship as soon as it is safe.

In the meantime, please stay home when you can, for the literal love of those who can’t. One of God’s best means of protecting us is through the wise decisions we make. Wear a mask.

God is with us. The promise, Peter proclaims, is for you, for your children, for all whom God calls from near and far. And that is enough.

Be well, friends. You are loved.

God of hope, be with us during these days. Help us through this time. Keep safe those who serve, protect, teach, and heal us. Give us the wisdom to persevere. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Image: Grace on a cloudy day. October 28, 2020.

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  1. Ruth Ann Reko permalink

    Thanks for making a hard, significant decision,

  2. Irmgard Swanson permalink

    We totally agree with your decision. Yes, we will miss the in-person worship, but it a wise and loving decision to make. We so appreciate your care for all of your congregation and for people in general.

  3. Marnie Rourke permalink

    It is hard to stay together while staying apart, but Christ binds us together with cords that cannot be broken. We belong to Grace, and the grace of God belongs to all of us — and it is by grace alone that we will be saved. Be not afraid, Pastor, better days are coming!

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