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October 16, 2020

“He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Psalm 121:4

Well, it’s Day 215. Uff da. 215?

Reading this verse from the Daily Texts this morning just makes me feel tired. I mean, I know God doesn’t need more slumber but I sure could use some. Then again, my exhaustion isn’t the sort of thing that a nap could cure (although it probably wouldn’t hurt).

I’ve had a number of conversations in recent days that lead me to believe people have reached a new level of “doneness” with the pandemic, which is to say we’ve had enough, thank you very much. Enough live-streaming and Zooming and not seeing grandchildren or breaking bread together or doing much of anything. This is exacerbated by the twin truths that we don’t know how much longer it will last and that it is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Cases are rising. Flu season is coming. And we get to have an election, too!

So look. I want to be clear. I’m fine. I’m hopeful. I’m all good. And I’ll write something more grounded in the joy of Christ tomorrow.

But today, I want to sink into some old-fashioned biblical lament. This all stinks, and I miss being together with you all. I can keep going, but I just need to say that I’ve had enough.

To the God who neither slumbers nor sleeps, I simply ask, “How long?”

Be well, friends. You are loved.

Living God, we pray for your sustaining Spirit. Give us comfort. Give us hope. Hear our cries. In the name of Jesus, who knows well our despair. Amen.

Image: Me, meh.

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  1. Bob Burke permalink

    Thank you for your honest feelings. Lament is truly biblical.

  2. Karen Jackson permalink

    This totally resonated with me today…I’ll be fine but having one of those days today too. This stinks! In solidarity…

  3. Carole Walther permalink

    Thank you for your candor. It validates my feelings too

  4. Susan Messerli permalink

    You voice my feelings exactly!

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