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Sermon: Building the Cross+Gen Kingdom. October 7, 2018

October 9, 2018

In which I attempt to address Jesus’ teachings on divorce and offer some insights gleaned during an awesome week in the Rocky Mountains learning about Cross+Gen ministry. Click here to read the sermon, preached on the 20th Sunday after Pentecost. Sorry, no audio or video this week.

Busy-ness is no stranger to my family. We are pulled this way and that, and it is time together as a family with God that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. We are pulled this way and that, and sometimes families, however you define that word, fall apart. Jesus points out to us this painful reality. And then he takes a child and puts the child in their midst. “Look,” Jesus says. “This is how you receive the Kingdom.” What does this mean for our life together? I think it means building up faith in our households, teaching and learning across the generations with the cross in the middle of it all. As some of us have been exploring this week in Colorado, it means putting the pudgy hand of a child into the wrinkled hand of the elder, so that with the wonder of the child and the wisdom of the elder, we would together discover what it means to be together in Christ, pulled apart no more.

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