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Sermon: We Know Not How. June 17, 2018

June 19, 2018

Due to a technical glitch, there’s no video or audio, but you can click here to read the notes from this past week’s sermon on the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost. Enjoy – you never know what God is going to do with these things!

As we enter more deeply into the story of his ministry, the parabolic Jesus is on full display. Jesus often told parables to elucidate and to obfuscate – usually at the same time! What makes the first of today’s parables so delightful is that Jesus is clear about the fact that he’s trying to be unclear. The sower sows, and later the grain grows, but in the middle. . .who knows? We don’t know how it happens that God brings growth in our lives. But we do know who. It is Jesus, cast dead into the ground yet alive in the resurrection, who raises us up to newness of life.

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