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VBS Day Four: Jesus Gives Us Love

July 15, 2016

It’s hard to believe that this was our second-to-last day of Vacation Bible School in Martin. The week is flying by! Today was another great day. Songs, games – you know, the usual. Plus a really cool butterfly craft (shout out to Natalie and Cierra for leading us through a fairly complex craft). Our theme today was “Jesus Gives Us Love.” We heard the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, through which God shows us just how great the divine love is for us. I even got to play the part of Jesus in Erika’s classroom. Her helpers used a raincoat for a robe and an umbrella for a crown of thorns; all quite realistic, I assure you!

Jesus gives us love. There it is, right? We have grown in love for one another throughout our trip. We have fallen in love with these beautiful Slovak children. We have experienced the love that binds Grace in River Forest with the CCE in Martin. We have heard again the story of God’s life-giving love for us made manifest in Jesus Christ, particularly in his death and resurrection.

Today was a special day for Erika and me. Our dear friends from the Czech Republic, Marketa, Vasek, and their son, Venda, came to spend the afternoon with us. What a great gift to spend even a few hours with such special people.

And then, Nice. Lord, have mercy. The world, it seems, is coming apart at the seams. There are those who would have us live every moment in fear; now I have to fear a truck attack (another new phrase of fear) while watching fireworks with my children? Traveling abroad at the moment, it’s natural to be even more worried after such an event. Then again, is the United States any more safe during these days?

But I refuse to live in fear. Jesus gives us love; Jesus gives us life. My heart hurts with the sorrow of this world, but I will not fear. This week we have seen the transformative power of God at work, and that’s the only hope we have in a world filled with racism, terrorism, violence, and fear. Today I remind you – and myself – that Jesus has conquered these things, and the demons who unleash them. Jesus gives us love. Let us give that love to the world, living in hope – that unseen thing with feathers, perched in our souls.

Erika with Marketa and Venda. John and Bjorn, just hanging out.

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