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VBS Day Two: Jesus Gives Us Courage

July 13, 2016

Jesus gives us courage! That was the theme for our second day of Vacation Bible School at the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia. The Bible story for the day was that of Peter walking on the water. Seeing Jesus coming toward the boat, walking atop the waves, Peter asks Jesus to tell Peter to join him on the water. And, through the power of Jesus, Peter does exactly that. Until he looks around, sees the size of the waves and feels the power of the wind. Then, he sinks. When he was focused on Jesus, he could stand on the waves. When his focus was elsewhere, he didn’t stand a chance.

Life’s like that. It is simply overwhelming at times. And yet, Jesus calls to us. I continue to marvel at how Jesus has called us into the partnership of the gospel with the people of Martin. We are definitely out of our boat, so to speak, but Jesus has called us here. So today we crab walked and attempted to play kickball with kids who didn’t grow up knowing the rules of baseball (so much more complicated than you’d think!), we learned new songs and painted crosses, and we deepened our friendships with the children and adults with whom we are working.

After VBS was done for the day, we travelled by train to visit Žilina, a larger city about twenty miles northwest of Martin. Here, our relationships continued to be strengthened, particularly for our youth as they toured with city with their Slovak peers. It was also a nice opportunity to do some shopping and, of course, eat (we do a lot of that).

It’s through these relationships that we can maintain our focus on Jesus. On our own, we just can’t do it. Supporting one another, loving one another, we can keep walking – no matter the size of the waves of the power of the winds. We live in turbulent times, and this feels especially so back home in America during these days. It’s overwhelming. On our own, we’re sunk. But we’re not on our own. We have Jesus and, in Jesus, we have each other. Take courage, my friends, and keep walking.

And here’s a picture of Erika crab walking, because why not? It’s a good thing she doesn’t read my blog…


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