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Thank You

July 15, 2014

I’m writing this on the Flybussen, the bus to the Bergen Airport, as we begin the long trip back to the States. As we end our month in Europe, I am mindful of the love and the gifts that sent us on our way for this adventure. For the gift of sabbatical – which ain’t over yet! – I am grateful to the good people of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. I am lucky to serve as your pastor and look forward to reunion next month. And to those who made financial gifts, thank you! There was no need for you to do so, and the fact you did is a gift of greater value than the money itself.

We have more excitement to come, more memories to make, more renewal to let wash over us. But for now, I simply say thank you. Erika, Greta, Anders, Torsten, and I are grateful. You are each a sign of God’s blessing in our lives.

P.S. The other day we saw a family on the train eating hot dogs wrapped in lefse. Pure genius.

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