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A Torstencentric Time

July 12, 2014

Long time, no blog. Sorry! Much to catch up on, but I don’t want to cram a week into a single post. It is enough, for now, to say that we finished up our enjoyable time in Wittenberg and are halfway through our week in Norway.

The most notable aspect of this time is the absence of Greta and Anders, who returned to the States with their grandparents over a week ago. Since then, Erika and I have had the joy of outnumbering our remaining progeny. It’s two against one, buddy!

While we miss sweet Greta and adventurous Anders like crazy, it’s been delightful to focus our energies on Torsten. He’s growing up! Babbling to hear the sound of his own voice, crawling with great speed and audacity, pulling up on everything, and eating everything he can get his hands on.

It’s so much fun to be with this happy little guy who puts up with us as we drag him around on trains and boats, buses and taxi cabs; who sits happily in the stroller as we go to look at ANOTHER old church or bounces in our arms as we walk down city streets; who sleeps happily and well in a different bed, or crib, or whatever, every night.

Since birth, Torsten has nestled easily into our family while the big kids do their things. He’s an easy, drama-free dude, the little brother of two exciting big kids. One of the great gifts of sabbatical is two weeks with JUST Torsten. I can’t wait to see Greta and Anders and hear about their adventures. It’s difficult to be away from them, but a blessing to shower Torsten with attention and affection. Thanks for being a good traveller, buddy!

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