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Here we go!

June 1, 2014

So. Today was awesome. This morning was an incredible way to bid a fond farewell to the good people of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church for a time. Blessed to baptize two beautiful young girls. Blessed to receive eleven new members into our church family. Blessed to gather with friends in fellowship (and bratwurst) at the church picnic. Blessed to hand over the reins of Word and Sacrament ministry to Pastor Hank Moody for the next twelve weeks. Blessed.

The day continued with an amazingly fun dance recital – Greta’s first one ever. Needless to say, I was a proud papa. Then, dinner with friends and neighbors and packing, packing, packing. Tomorrow we being the long drive to Peoria, sabbatical stop number one. The future is bright and the summer looks to be full of joy and adventure.

But today I find myself looking back as much as forward. As excited as I am for this time away and apart, it was bittersweet at St. Peter’s this morning. Much as I had been overcome with emotion while preparing the bulletin, especially the part where the congregation released me for a season, so was I overwhelmed today as I distributed Holy Communion to people who are both saints and friends (honestly, I was fine until Cassie and Suzanne launched into “Be Thou My Vision” on viola and piano, but once they started in I couldn’t speak!). But I know the people of St. Peter’s journey with us in love and prayer, just as our love and prayers will be with them during an amazing summer of ministry.

More than that, I take joy and find comfort in Jesus’ prayer to the Father in today’s text from John 17, in which Jesus prays “that they may be one, as we are one.” After all, in God’s gigantic church, the eternal dance of the divine crosses all boundaries. This includes the mileage that may come between us for a time. After all, if the boundary of death has been transgressed by the Son, what’s a few thousand miles?

And so here we go. Refreshement, renewal, restoration are waiting down the road. It will be good to be away. There are barnacles on the hull that need to be scraped off. There is rest that is required. There is learning to be done, faith to be deepened, adventure to be had. I know in faith, however, that even in our apartness we are together, for we are in Christ. And that’s a good place to be.

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  1. Pastor Fred & Mary Hubert permalink

    How wonderful for you Pastor Dave! It is good to have such a wonderful and caring congregation, that they are giving you this time away. I am sure it is bittersweet for you, but just imagine how good it will be for you and what wonderful experiences you will have; and in your return how vibrant you and they will be in your return refreshed and renewed.
    God’s Peace go with you!
    Pastor Fred & Mary Hubert

  2. Rich & Peggy Nesbit permalink

    We are so sorry that we missed all of the activities on Sunday. We were traveling on the Pa. Turnpike when some of these events were occurring, and we talked about all of the special happenings that were scheduled to take place!! So we were with St. Peters in thoughts and prayers. We spent Tues. night and Wednesday morning with Fred and Sally. They miss St. Peters so much, but they doing as fine as possible (considering their physical limitations). We think that their mindsets and humor are truly a blessing, and keep them looking forward!!
    Godspeed Pr. Dave, Erika, Greta, Anders, and Torsten. May God keep you all in His care, and bring
    you back refreshed and excited to begin our new “church year”!!

  3. Hal and Diane Freeman permalink

    We were sad to not be there to send you off-Hal especially wanted the Brats! Our prayers are with you and your family as you travel.

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