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One more thing…

December 13, 2011

Advent.  A time of waiting in the church; a time when the world waits for the coming of Messiah.  But also a busy time, a crazy time, with an endless litany of one-more thing to do.  What better time to set up a blog?  I mean, this busy season of waiting is a mess.  Worship services to plan and lead, visits to make, Bibles studies to facilitate.  And a beautiful new baby boy in our house, who somehow manages not to double the busyness in our home, but quadruple it.  It’s a crazy time, a world turning upside-down time.

So why not start blogging in the middle of Advent?  I can’t think of a reason not to.  It’s a messy time getting messier.  What’s one more thing?

And perhaps instead of just one more thing, it will help me stop and ponder.  Pondering, you know, is the oldest Advent discipline.

Or it might just help me remember that in the middle of the messiness Messiah still comes.

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