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The Job You Want

March 4, 2021

“For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

The first graders at Grace have been enjoying Read Across America Day all week long. They’ve had days of crazy hats, crazy socks, and pajamas (perfect for remote Wednesdays). Today is “Dress for the Job You Want Day.” I believe they’ll be reading Dr. Seuss’s classic, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! My first grader, Torsten, decided to dress up as a baseball player (something he also used Crazy Hat Day as an excuse to do). Today, he’s sporting his Javy Báez jersey.

Thinking about coming to work today, I decided to participate with the first graders. March 4th is a good day to wear my #4 Alex Gordon jersey! Torsten was delighted that we’re both “baseball boys” for the day. Oh, and the Royals are looking pretty good so far this spring, even if they did lose to the Cubs.

So, do I want to not be the Senior Pastor at Grace? Of course that’s not the case. I love what I do and, if I ever grow up, I just might keep doing it. Would I nevertheless jump at the chance to roam left field at Kauffman Stadium under the Kansas City sun? Of course I would! Life is full of paradoxes. Fortunately for you (well, if you’re glad I’m at Grace), I’m a much better pastor than baseball player. I’m not going anywhere.

On the other hand, there are plenty of places yet to go, for me and for you. Our Old Testament passage from today’s Daily Texts is a good reminder of this truth. God has plans for us, and God will see us into a future of hope. Now, no lazy theology here! This does not mean that everything that happens was planned by God; neither does it mean that we have no part to play in shaping our worldly lives. It does mean that God has a future for us and, because of the grace given in Jesus Christ, this future is always one filled with hope in the unshakeable promise gifted to us.

I don’t know what Torsten will be when he grows up. He just might play for the Cubs. I’m not sure I’ll ever grow up, but if I do I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing. No matter what, both Torsten and I are dressed up forever in the baptismal gown of God’s grace, and so are you. Child of God. Not a bad job to have.

Be well, friends. You are loved.

God of the future, you know where we’re going even when we can’t see the way. You know who we are even when we forget. Ground us in the hope of your grace as we grow into who you desire us to be. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Image: The “baseball boys,” today. Photo by Frau Lyle.

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