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February 14, 2021

“Then Peter said to Jesus, ‘Rabbi, it is good for us to be here; let us make three dwellings, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.'” Mark 9:2-9

It is good for us to be here. Here, right now, for us, is somewhere else. Having a Sunday off is delightful thing. Not because I don’t love gathering for worship with the people of Grace (I do!) but because rest is important. Having time to connect with Erika is important. Being in a different place once in a while is important. These are the things that give us strength and wisdom for the journey when it continues.

Today is The Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. This point in the story is a moment along the way. Far from being simply a break in the action, it is an epiphany for Peter, James, and John. This Jesus whom they’ve been following is revealed to be more than they could have yet known. Atop the mountain, with Moses and Elijah come down from heaven, Jesus is transfigured. Not simply changed; transfigured. The light which the Word called into being at creation now shines through the Incarnate Word into the world. It’s no wonder that Peter suggests they stay there, offering to build three dwellings (I guess social distancing was important back then, too). But as good as this moment is, it is not the end of the story. Rather, it gives meaning to what will come.

Jesus’ face is set. He’s going back down the mountain, literally and figuratively, all the way into death. The mountaintop luminosity will be extinguished for a time as he pours out his life and his love on the cross. We, too, are invited to walk in the way of the cross. We will have mountaintop moments and Sabbath rest along the way. The light of Christ bursts forth into this world. But we dare not tarry. Jesus is not staying on the mountaintop. Let us follow where he leads.

So, on this very cold, post-impeachment, Valentine’s Day, may the Transfiguration of Our Lord illuminate your steps and guide you ever in God’s love.

Be well, friends. You are loved.

God of glory, on the Mount of Transfiguration you revealed Jesus as your Son, the Beloved. May his light transfigure our lives as we journey down the mountain to serve and love others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Image: Transfiguration, Titian, circa 1560 (public domain).

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