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Doing Good

January 23, 2021

“I will rejoice in doing good to them, and I will plant them in this land in faithfulness, with all my heart and all my soul.” Jeremiah 32:41

What are you going to do today? For some of you, I imagine that today has a long to-do list. Perhaps you’ll be running around town, trying to fit in all the errands for which you didn’t have time during the work week. Or perhaps today is a blank slate, filled with possibility but not yet with commitments. For some of you, I’m sure, today is one more day in a seemingly endless slog of pandemic days, days in which you wish you had something to do, somewhere to do.

Around here, I’m not sure yet. It’s quiet so far. I wonder what the children are plotting?

While we may not yet be sure what we’re going to do today, Jeremiah gives us some insight into what’s written in God’s day planner. God rejoices in doing good to God’s people, so that’s probably what God is going to be working on. These particular words come as promise for a people who are soon to be exiled to Babylon. They are about to enter a decades-long period of wondering why God has forsaken them. But God has not. God goes with them, and works to bring them home.

This is work into which God pours the divine heart and soul, just as God asks that we love God with heart, soul, and mind. It certainly feels like we are still in a time of exile. There is no shortage of bad in the world. But God is working for good. The promise is sure. Not even the death of Jesus could derail God’s purposes and, in Christ, death itself is transformed into the gateway to eternal life. Hang on, friends. God is doing something good today, and you will find yourselves planted in a verdant land. Whatever your day is filled with, seek to do good for the sake of the God who is working good for you.

Be well, friends. You are loved.

God, your goodness and mercy follow us through life’s dark valleys. Bring us today into the bright light of your love. Free us, inspire us, to live lives that bear witness to your goodness in this bad news world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Image: Sometimes doing good is helping your neighbor (or little brother) stand back up.

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