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The Home Office

March 24, 2020

“We have not ceased praying for you and asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.” Colossians 1:9

Yesterday was my first full day working from home. I set up shop in my new office, a closet we converted a few months ago to be a workspace in which our children could do their homework. Of course, children being children and life being life, we discovered last week that the space we had designed for them was the last place any of them wanted to do schoolwork during this time of e-learning. So it goes. It’s mine now.

I like the space. Other than all the stuff that was already here, it’s pretty sparse. My desk holds the Bible, the Lutheran Book of Worship, a few devotionals, my MacBook, and my iPad. My phone is around here somewhere, too. As the days pass (how many days will pass this way?) I’ll need to bring more things home from the office. Biblical commentaries, worship resources, the works of Robert Farrar Capon, some Star Wars knickknacks, my collection of Thor-themed Hot Wheels cars. You know, all the things I need to engage in ministry.

Even in its spartan state of development, I noticed yesterday just how full my office can be. It was full of the clatter of keys as I sent emails and wrote a blogpost. It was joyfully noisy with troubleshooting and the charting of strategy over the phone. It was abundantly blessed with smiles and warmth when I connected with coworkers via Zoom or FaceTime.

But mostly, it was filled with prayer. I have been in constant prayer for you, my friends, and for our whole world. The passage from Colossians (above) was from one of my morning devotions, and it is so appropriate for today. I can never leave my home (well, not often) but I can always be in prayer. And so can you.

Your situation may not mirror my own. While many of us are learning how to work remotely, many others have been doing so for some time. Others of you are designated as essential, and you continue to go to work. Thank you! Still others have lost their jobs or seen them diminished, while others yet have been long retired. Whoever you are, whatever your situation, you are in my prayers. And you can pray. For our world, our leaders at all levels of government, our churches and schools and communities, our neighbors and our families and ourselves. People of God, pray. Without ceasing, pray.

It struck me that for our friends in Britain, “the Home Office” has another meeting. It is the ministerial department charged with the safety and security of the nation’s people. We, in our home offices, accept a similar charge during these days. The best thing we can to do care for one another is to stay home. That’s how we keep each other safe. While we are physically separated, we can be spiritually together in prayer. So pray, people of God, and know that I am praying for you.

Be well, friends. You are loved.

Dear God, thank you for making your home with us. Through Jesus Christ you have come to dwell with us, to make your home among your people. Teach us to know Christ’s presence in our homes. Lead us to pray, connecting us more deeply to you and to one another. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Alternate decorative theme pictured below:


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  1. Sandy Lentz permalink

    Nice to see the fern on the left side. We need that contact with nature wherever possible.

  2. scottschwar9 permalink

    Thank you for introducing me to Robert Farrar Capon ! Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S10e, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

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