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Of Feathers and First Days

August 27, 2013

This morning during family devotions we heard these words from Psalm 91:4: “The Lord will cover you with his feathers.  He will shelter you with his wings.  His faithful promises are your armor and protection” (NLT).

This prompted two conversations involving our four-year-old daughter, Greta.  Her first reaction to God’s most holy word as recorded in the psalms?  “God doesn’t have feathers!”  In rabbinical fashion I replied with a question: “Are you telling me God’s not a chicken?”   Delighted laughter ensued, the laughter of a little girl trying to wrap her head around the God who loves her.  She’s too smart to think that God’s a big chicken.  She knows God doesn’t have feathers.

This wasn’t the only conversation going on, however.  While we laughed about God’s feathers, or the lack thereof, I was holding a conversation in prayer with God.  As Greta’s father, I was thanking God for the great, big, fluffy feathers of which the psalmist speaks.  Today, you see, is the first day of school.  So with the mixture of pride, love, and anxiety that is common to all parents (not to mention the reminder that time passes with a nearly unbearable quickness) I was thinking about Greta taking another step forward into this world.  To hear this feathery promise today was exactly what my heart needed.  Even though I can’t be with her in her classroom – where she will be loved and taught by fantastic teachers – she will always be sheltered in the wings of her feathery God.

And so her mother, brother, and I walked her to her room to meet the other Froggy Fours.  She rushed in, oblivious to the thoughts that swirl in the minds of parents.  And I walked away, down the hall to my office, secure in the knowledge that her God is with her, shaping her into the young woman God desires her to be.

A feathery God?  I guess that’s pretty funny to a four-year old.  But to this dad it’s pure gospel.

May God bless Greta, her classmates and teachers, and all who are returning to school to teach, learn, and grow this year.

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One Comment
  1. Russ permalink

    It was great to share in your devotions. A real Tuesday morning sermonette. Thanks and blessings on your day.

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